Business Standards

The Seneca Gaming Corporation’s Business Standards govern the conduct of our business. It is our ongoing commitment to honor the trust of our patrons, our vendors, our employees and our community.


Seneca Gaming Corporation Standard Terms and Conditions
Rev. 10.30.20 (PDF)

Seneca Gaming Corporation Code of Ethics
Rev. 4.25.23 (PDF)

SNI Executive Order Regarding Business Licensing Code
Rev. 9.2.11 (PDF)

SNI Business License Application Fee for Non Enrolled Members
Rev. 11.14.09 (PDF)

SNI Business Code
Rev. 09.26.88 (PDF)

SNI Business Application for License to do Business
Rev. 1988 (Editable PDF Form)

SNI Business Licensing: Process and Approval Improvements
Rev. 04.14.12 (PDF)

SNI Business Licensing: Deadline Extension for SGC Vendors
Rev. 07.24.12 (PDF)